Without an effectively functioning server, your business’ productivity and efficiency will be at a standstill.


With our team of expert IT consultants in Orange County, you will no longer have to struggle with frustrating network problems or crashing servers.
To ensure that your business enjoys peak performance from your computer systems at all times, our IT support staff will install and update the latest high-tech monitoring software on all of your servers and workstations. If a problem does pop up, our state of the art monitoring program alerts us to the issue immediately and we can log in remotely and fix the server or workstation before any precious time is lost.


When your server goes down, it can be a nightmare to try to fix since there are several reasons why things may have stopped working. Your server may run out of data space, the drive may have a bad sector, or even have hidden bugs that cause it to become irresponsive. Luckily, our high tech software will instantly detect the specific problem your system is experiencing and will email us a fix it ticket, which we address immediately.

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Our team of IT experts can also detect common issues that require hardware replacements, such as hard disks, cooling fans, cables, and other equipment. We order and install these replacements as necessary so you can keep the ball rolling!


Often when we perform regular maintenance on your server, it has to be done outside your normal business hours. In most cases the maintenance is completed remotely, but even if the server maintenance requires us to schedule an onsite technician you won’t pay any more for that service.


Was everything working fine yesterday, but not today? Consider it fixed! We know that productivity is the driving force behind making your business successful, so we guarantee our clients same day service. With our server maintenance services, when something isn’t working properly we effectively spring into action before it disrupts your day!
Contact our IT consultants in Orange County today to learn how we can help you get the best performance possible out of your server!