VoIP Phone Systems


After much research, our expert IT consultants in Orange County found an outstanding phone system that is affordable enough for a small business owner, but can handle the high volume call traffic of a large call center. This VoIP phone system uses SIP trunk protocol to provide better customer service, and it allows our clients to move offices while still keeping the same phone number.

The innovative solution we recommend for our clients doesn’t use proprietary hardware or software, which effectively allows you to control the various costs associated with a business phone system. We can also arrange for a trusted SIP provider to deliver your calls and save you hundreds more per month!


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As an affordable software-based solution, 3CX works with any SIP phone and Windows server/computer and is significantly less expensive than most other providers. This system is easy for our tech support team to install and manage, and boosts your productivity with unified communications through web conferencing and chat programs. With our integrated PBX support services, you can truly have it all without paying a fortune!


Because 3CX is a VoIP phone system, there is no need to rewire or add network drops; the phone is simply plugged into the network and the computer is plugged into the phone. Do you have multiple locations? No problem. All locations’ phones can point back to the phone system server and work like they are local. This phone system also provides a software client that is installed on each computer to display all staff members’ availability.


This software-based PBX system can also run on an existing server with other applications, saving on hardware replacement costs, energy consumption, and administration costs! 3CX’s low processor and memory usage can be integrated seamlessly, saving you money without requiring the hassle of many other common phone system upgrades.


As full service IT consultants in Orange County, we provide integrated phone system support and installation, as well as backup devices so you can be prepared in case of any phone system emergencies. Let Relion help save you money by streamlining your business phone system! Contact us today!