Backups and disaster recovery. You hope you don’t need it but just like car insurance, when you do need it, you sure are glad you have a great policy. We can’t stress enough how important backups are. That’s why, here at Relion Support, we start every day checking on every workstation and server backup.


Offsite backups are equally important. If there ever is a problem with your onsite backup device (theft, fire…), if you have offsite backups, you are saved again. What’s an offsite backup? Another way to say it is “cloud backup” – your backups stored securely and encrypted on a secure server that is located far away from your office.


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For many of our clients, we set up replication which is yet another form of backup. This is a great addition to your backup strategy which ensures your business has a quick failover solution.


So, if you main server crashes but you have our backup solutions in place, the replicated server will take over. If the server room is flooded with water, you’ll have offsite backups to save the day.