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Help Desk Support

Our Help Desk phone support has an average hold time of 14 seconds.

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Server Maintenance

We spring to action anytime there is a server issue... before you even notice!

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Vendor Management

Be freed from the drudgery of coordinating tech vendors.

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Smartphone Support

We speak both Android and iOS. Yes, cats and dogs can be friends.

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IT Support

If you’re looking for a reliable IT service in Orange County, look no further!

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Backup Maintenance

Just give us a call and have your files magically reappear.

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Patch Management

We keep your computers patched and free of nasty bugs.

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PBX Support

No love for your phone system? Try 3CX (www.3cx.com).

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Network Support

Moving or expanding? Let us plan and build your network.

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IT Project Management

We manage big network changes so they happen like nothing happened.

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Anti-Virus Maintenance

With frequent news about hacking debacles, we’re watching your back.

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After Hours

Emergency support is available from 6am to 9pm, 365 days a year.

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Dear Prospective Client,

     We talk a lot about culture at Relion. My goal for starting Relion has always been about creating a work environment that gives technicians the freedom to give their best in their own unique way. My personal heroes include Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines, James Sinegal of Costco, and pretty much everyone in “Small Giants” by Bo Burlingham. All of these business leaders believe that if you take care of your people, they will take care of your customers, and in turn the customers will take care of you.

     IT companies often forget that a “computer issue” is really a person that needs help. Being technically great doesn’t matter if you fail to help the person. As a technician, that means putting aside your geek pride and engaging the customer with an open attitude. After all, happy computers don't write checks.

     Are we perfect? No. Are we always improving? Yes! I can promise that if you hire us today, we will be better than we are 6 months from now. We are always learning, looking forward to the journey ahead, and having as much fun as we can.

Brian Lee, Founder


Brian Account Manager

As our founder, Brian obsesses over culture, process, and quality. You can often find him preaching about the importance of why we exist and laughing at his own jokes.

Adam Account Manager

Head of sales, resident MBA, part-time team cheerleader. Adam is always enthusiastic about tackling any challenge. Try to make him have a bad day. We dare you.

Andrew Project Engineer

Andrew is our team protégé and Project Engineer. Driven and diligent, you can count on Andrew to work through the night and come back for more.

Jose Onsite Tech

Jose is our boots on the ground. He is the on-site tech for getting the job done in the field. When he’s not visiting clients, you can find Jose coding away at his next great software breakthrough.

R-bot Monitoring and Maintenance

R-bot is an embodiment of technology that Relion utilizes to collect backup status, antivirus update, security patching, and low disk space to name a few.  R-bot not only alerts his buddies at Relion when your computer requires attention, he works tirelessly to perform routine maintenance tasks.

IT Support


At Relion, we provide IT support for individuals and small businesses, as well as managed computer support, server maintenance, data backup, and much more! Allow us to make your life simpler and more productive by becoming your comprehensive IT department, serving every function from technician to virtual CIO!


Help Desk Support:


Our remote help desk support team is always ready to help you solve all of your technical problems, even outside of normal business hours! We can handle anything from simple network connection problems and frozen computers to software installation, updates, and everything in between.


When you need IT support for a computer emergency, we answer your call with lightning speed and provide you with the expert remote or onsite help that you need to get back up and running.


Server Maintenance:


Servers are the proverbial backbone to your business, and maintaining their functionality is an important aspect of our IT support. Our team installs and updates the latest software on all of our clients’ servers and workstations to provide state of the art monitoring services, ensuring peak performance. We also handle the ordering and installing of any necessary replacements so you can keep the ball rolling.


IT Project Management:


From initiation to close, we manage all types of IT projects. Whether you need help with updating networks or servers, installing new phone systems, or moving and setting up new locations, we can handle it all.


Emergency After Hours Support:


Our emergency IT support is available to you from 6 am to 9 pm, 365 days a year. No matter what problem you are calling with, you’ll be connected to an expert who can solve it.


Backup Maintenance:


Backups are a computer’s insurance policy, and with all of our experience we’ve seen how important it is to be prepared for potential problems. For this reason, we conduct daily backups and fix any potential system failures before they cause you a major disaster. From virtual machine backups to data and system backups, we’ve got you covered!


Vendor Management:


Dealing with technology vendors can be confusing and time consuming, to say the least. We can free you from coordinating third-party tech vendors and give you back your valuable time! Stay connected at all times with our customized telecom management, internet provider management, ERP software vendor management, and much more! We’ll make sure that you get everything you need, and nothing you don’t.


Patch Management: 


Windows updates that go unnoticed can greatly affect the security and function of your machine, drastically hindering its overall performance. However, our experienced IT support team uses high-tech software to conduct automatic and manual Windows patching on a weekly basis. We ensure that critical security updates are always up-to-date, and proactively monitor any patches that fail so you never have to deal with fixing any of these problems again.


Network Planning and Installation:


Computer network setups can quickly become a complicated maze of cables and switches more difficult to decipher than ancient hieroglyphics. When our clients move or expand their operations, we are there to design networks with speed and reliability. We also install separate data and voice networks as needed. If any problems do pop up after we work our magic, our well-organized networks make it simple to trace and fix the problem quickly.


Smartphone Support:


Cell phones have become the one piece of technology that billions of people just can’t live without. We are here to provide our clients with every possible form of IT support, including email setup and troubleshooting of their beloved smart phones. Whether you require iPhone support, Android support, or support with your Windows phone, we’re here to make sure that you can stay productive and be fluent in any smartphone’s language.


Anti-Virus Maintenance:


Hacking and identity theft are unfortunate realities that many people have to deal with in today’s digital world. Consequently, our IT support team views weekly antivirus reports for all of our clients to ensure that any out of date antivirus is updated. You can rest easy knowing that we are proactively managing your antivirus programs and will be there to stop any computer viruses in their tracks, every time.


Warehouse Management:


Efficiency is always a top concern for every business owner that operates a warehouse space. Our professional IT support team has helped a number of clients introduce or improve their technology systems to make their warehouses perform at their peak. Integrating bar-coding systems and bar-code scanners is a great place to start, and we also provide you with picker and shipper metrics so you can effectively manage your team and decrease wasted time.


PBX Support:


Our preferred phone system is affordable enough for a small business owner, but can handle the high volume call traffic of a large call center. This VoIP phone system uses SIP trunk protocol to provide better customer service, and it allows our clients to move offices while still keeping the same phone number. We provide integrated phone system support and installation, as well as backup devices so you can be prepared in case of any phone system emergencies.